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Background on Joel Young
Joel B. Young was born in New York in 1955, to Jewish parents. He grew up going to Hebrew School from childhood to his late teens. As a young man, Joel Young, while continuing his Biblical studies, found the reality of our LORD and SAVIOR YESHUA through personal experience. He says, "God has been very gracious to me, giving me ever deeper revelatory truth from HIS WORD."
Joel and Danielle Young
Picture of Joel Young and his wife, Danielle
Joel Young has been teaching The Bible as a Messianic Jew since his mid-twenties. His knowledge of the Old Testament, the Jewish culture and tradition, Hebrew, the New Testament, combined with his hunger for the truth and his search for the deeper things of GOD have made him quite an extraordinary teacher.

Joel Young married Danielle, a Doctor of Medical Dentistry, in 1989. Because of prompting from THE HOLY SPIRIT, they moved to Texas. Dr. Young is currently President of FOR HIS GLORY Ministry, based in Richardson, Texas.

Joel Young, with Danielle Young and Truman Blocker, have just completed a 608 page book on Biblical codes found in the Old Testament which demonstrates that the New Testament is clearly concealed in the Old Testament. It is extraordinarily documented. It's mathematical perfection revealing YESHUA (JESUS) in the Old Testament in code is expertly woven into evidence for faith and solid reasons to believe.

Joel Young's teachings are available on tape. His emphasis is on The Deeper Things of God. If you think, in desperation, that there must be more, well, there is! Come and see...


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