There is a life to live, and itís yours. You must live your life to live, not merely exist.However, many people have tried to live their lives and failed miserably, even when, in the worldly sense, they have succeeded. For a life lived without GOD is ultimately meaningless, purposeless, and eventually is forgotten. You have amassed wealth, assets, possessions, yet you have forgotten GOD, making you the poorest of men. Your bank accountin heaven is zero, and your name is not in HIS Book, if you do not belong to HIM. To those who do belong to HIM, live your life The Biblical Way: first lose your life for HIS sake; then you will find it; your real life you will live, with unspeakable joy, true peace, real things, that will last.GODs Way is HIM first; not you, HIS Glory first, not yours, HIS Ways, not yours. The only way to truly live a GOD life is to lose your preconceived and truly ill-conceived limited prejudicial partial views of life and through HIM, our LORD, live HIS life through and as yours, in spirit and truth operating through Love.Live your life as GOD would if HE were you;live your life as GOD would, if HE were you; and you will truly live.

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For HIS Glory

March, 2008

Volume 18, Issue 18

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Our goal is to reveal The Triune GOD to you through Hebrew eyes so much so that you will see HIM more clearly, love HIM more dearly, and worship HIM ever more sincerely. These monthly newsletters will well bring you ever closer to HIM.

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