Deception. What a powerful word. CHRIST warned us in Matthew 24:4 “Take heed that no one deceive you.”  Things are not always as they appear.  I have a picture of Hitler coming out of a church, and even satan used The Bible; so expect his ministers to use the talk of Christianity, the form of faith, but denying its power. Learn to look into the soul of a man, to test the heart of a woman, to know the spirit of the matter.   Test the spirits, 1 John 4:1-4,  because many false prophets have gone out into the world. They have come to deceive, lie, and appear other than they really are.  Be careful, be wise, be wary.  They will try to steal your money and your soul. They will take whatever they can get, and they are playing for keeps. This is no game to them,  for the stakes are very high, as high as they can be. Do not be deceived. Check everything out, everything, against  The Word of GOD.  Ask GOD to give you wise Christian counselors, friends. People of impeccable integrity. People who know how to pray. People whose only motives are to serve GOD and to help you succeed in every area of life. Trust The Holy Spirit.  Learn to discern, Hebrews 5:14.  Do not be naïve. Do not be simple-minded. Study, pray. Study, pray. Watch. Be observant. Be vigilant. You are in a war zone. We are in a fight, whether you want to be or not.  Satan is coming to kill you, steal from you, and to destroy you. He will do whatever he can; whatever you let him do. Whether wittingly or unwittingly,  you give him entrance.  Throw him out, Ephesians 4:27.  Shut the door. Get close to GOD.  Close ranks with believers. Be wise. Do not be deceived, anymore.











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October, 2008     


Volume 25, Issue 25

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