The greatest example IS YESHUA = JESUS on The Cross, saying, at the end:

Nishlam! =Paid in Full! (Often translated less accurately: It is Finished). John 19:30.

HE came to do HIS FATHERís Will, HE did it, and It was done.

HE came to destroy the works of the devil; and it was done!

HE came and brought a Great Light to earth, to those in darkness, and It was done!

HE called forth a body of believers and appointed and anointed them;

and It was done.

HE did Signs and Wonders and miracles, ad responded to all who came to

HIM in Faith, and It was Done.

HE raised Lazarus and others from the dead, and empowered HIS OWN,† it was

done. JESUS silenced HIS Adversaries and made the dumb to speak; and it was

done. JESUS taught by and through HIS LIFE how to love everyone, and it was

done.† JESUS changed the world and became our Way back HOME, to GOD, it was

done. JESUS came to earth so we could go to heaven,†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

JESUS left HIS HOME so we could return to HIS HOME,

HE was silent so we could sing,

HE put on dust so we could put on glory,

HE took on the sin of the world

so we could become The Righteousness of GOD in HIM.

HE Did It all, for all of us.

What will we all do for HIM?!

††† †† †††††† †††††† †††††† DONE

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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† For HIS Glory†††††††††††††

For HIS Glory

September, 2011

Volume 60, Issue 60

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Our goal is to reveal The Triune GOD to you through Hebrew eyes so much so that you will see HIM more clearly, love HIM more dearly, and worship HIM ever more sincerely. These monthly newsletters will well bring you ever closer to HIM.

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