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You are supposed to run your race in such a way as to win?!  1 Corinthians 9:24. Many people think about winning, but don’t even enter and make the effort. Others, enter, but just run aimlessly, and do not  finish. Others run, but do not run to win, to obtain the prize. We are told-commanded-demanded-encouraged to enter-run-win-win it all-win the prize–

to obtain. We must win. We are the head, not the tail. We will rule and reign with HIM. We will judge the world. We will judge fallen angels. We must run-and not stop running– increasing in speed-intensity-and force. Win!! Win!! For HIS Glory! Spare not! Don’t hold back; leave it all on the field of life, do it as the greatest act of love through which you do thank-you” to THE LORD.

you believing with one hand and doubting with the other? Do you have moments of great faith but doubt creeps in later and plants some seeds? You are like most everybody else. But we must fight The Fight by being more than conquerors, fighting from Victory, not for it (It’s already ours), we make no excuses, we put on our full

It appears that nothing you’re doing is working? Re-assess everything. See if you are doing anything wrong; determine if you have not done everything right enough yet. Have you estimated the length of this journey? How are your supplies? Do you have The Right foods (verses) to fight this problem with? Are

battle armor, and fight on, fight from the cross, fight from The Empty Tomb,  It may be hard, but we are learning, we are born to win, born for victory, born again, born from above, children of THE KING. Know who you are in HIM, and WHO HE is in you. Live it; do not doubt it, and stick it-win. With HIM, you’ll always win.

richer and original meaning. For humanity had a debt with GOD, we sinned, we rebelled, we went astray, we turned our backs, we rejected GOD. And all humanity was seminally in Adam thus the sin was both individual and also corporate.  When John the immerser saw JESUS

He told his followers: “Behold THE LAMB of GOD WHO takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29. Note the singular: “sin”, with retrospect to the sin of Adam in the beginning, now to be “paid in full” by THE LAST ADAM = JESUS CHRIST! What freedom to know that your debt to GOD has been paid by GOD-Man =JESUS CHRIST!

The key Hebrew Word for ‘”Paid in Full”, usually translated: “It is Finished” in John 19:30, has a deep and rich meaning. The Word is: “Neeshlam”. The Root of This Word is:”Shalem” from The Verb: “Leshalem” = to pay, as in to pay in full. “ Paid in full” is It’s fuller and

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