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You truly need many counselors, for your business, for personal, for ministry, for life, for friends, for your future,† truly everything.† But who are they? And can we truly count on them? Are they pureĖ are they flawless, do they have only GODís View and our best interests at heart?

one of true life, one of the death that destroys mankind along with you; if you are not careful, if you are not smart, if you are not obedient to GOD, and if you donít aggressively with THE HOLY SPIRIT destroy what is looking to destroy you, what you tolerate will then dominate, and your life will go from good to bad in a most

You are double minded? Find which one agrees with THE WORD of GOD, or which one agrees with The Word of GOD more in scope, better in depth, more assured in spirit; go with GOD. You can not live going in two directions at one time, being pulled in two different ways, hearing two quite unharmonious points of view,

horrible often subtle yet obvious way, and pull you down with it; it has been said that the heaviest of all chains a man wears are the oneís of his own making. Be free; have one master GOD. Know JESUS as your LORD and Savior, and hear-and obey THE WORD of GOD and THE SPIRIT of GOD WHO leads you into all truth.

Crucified Man WHO is THE MESSIAH of Israel and THE SAVIOR of the world; YESHUA=JESUS. This is amazing! It gives us insight that in GODís eyes, this pertains, with this nuance of definition, to arise before GOD, stand before GOD, to rise up before GOD; this is for the saints. For with

this nuance of definition, it is the last (the last will be first), it is the least (as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto ME: Matthew 25:31-46), those who have a future with ME ( Proverbs 24:14), and then be established in MESSIAH-Jude 1:24-25. Thank-GOD.

There is The Hebrew Word for† Ďariseí, with itís own intrinsic meaning. Now you will learn that and more; through Hebrew eyes. The Word is: Koom = Kof-Waw/Vav-Mem Sofit = Which has the nuance of meaning here as: The least and last are in the future established in The

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

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Now read:† Psalm 119: 24, through The Hebrew Language only, we find The Answer: Yes and yes to all of the above. Now letís meet who they truly are, as seen in an accurate translation:† ďAlso YOUR Testimonies are my Smearing, men of my counsel.Ē† Now study It, and be blessed by It.