GOD is Coming. This is The Season.† And This is The Time; we are technically in overtime. The Church must finish Itís mission statement for this season; and then GOD will come and take her home, to a wedding, hers with HIM; to a heavenly time and a heavenly† experience, with HIM, and never to be apart from HIM again; O What a Blessed HOPE HE is!! GOD is LORD and LORD of all, so have no fear, be full of faith. Live expectantly, live longingly, hold hard onto HIM, run your race strongly for HIM, nothing is too small to be done for HIM, noting is too great that canít be† accomplished when you do it with HIM, your life is a mystery unfolding, written on your souls, realized in your hearts, flowing out from within, blessings from above.

Through HIM you are partakers of a Divine Life; HIS; wedded to HIM forever.

Live today as if it is your last day on earth, tomorrow as if it is your first.

Leave nothing undone start each moment of each day with a love, a power, a drive, that is full throttle, 100%, look not to yourself but ever to HIM, for HIM, with HIM, and live unto HIM, bringing joy to HIM, doing that which glorifies HIM, working in such a way that men may see your good works and glorify your FATHER WHO is in heaven, a life worth living that gives hope to others, healing to bodies and souls, renewed spirits to the lost, visions of heaven and heavenís GOD to the saved; living as your birthright has birthed you; with The Right to live HIS LIFE as yours for others unto HIM.

This is† It

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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† For HIS Glory†††††††††††††

For HIS Glory

September, 2012

† Volume 72, Issue 72

Our goal:

Our goal is to reveal The Triune GOD to you through Hebrew eyes so much so that you will see HIM more clearly, love HIM more dearly, and worship HIM ever more sincerely. These monthly newsletters will well bring you ever closer to HIM.

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