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Volume–Issue 70

Biblical Prophecy has a 100 % success rate? It has been 100 %  true in It’s accuracy and detailed fulfillments. GOD will Return, He has Promised, HE has said so, thus it will be so, GOD always leads you to Victory; but you must follow and keep

up and keep your eyes –heart on HIM! Yes! Totally. Completely. Continuously. GOD cannot fail; it is not in HIS Nature, there is no possibility, it is impossible. We might fail but HE cannot. We might be faithless, but HE is ever faithful for HE cannot deny HIMSELF. Good!!

The Praise of THE GLORY of GOD. Let them know that they can achieve The Same Thing in their life though unique for them so that their will, as a true result, without jealousy, as Esau had responded differently-favorably  at the meeting of his ‘changed’ brother; Jacob; who had now become Israel. Your growth with GOD

people envy your success? Show them how to succeed. Teach them The Ways of GOD. Show them that GOD loves them too, they just have to follow GOD like you specifically though in and on their own path, and real success, real prosperity, real victory, will be their life fully lived for GOD and realized within GOD to

will determine your growth with men. Your growing relationship with GOD will proportionately affect the people all around you; you will touch lives, change lives, affect lives, all for the better; for the closer you are to GOD; the more lives you touch for GOD; in number, and/or depth. Be free to freely give. Give GOD.

deep and CHRISTological analysis; for no true life is apart from HIS, and must also be separated from  the world to HIM for HIM, for the influence and adoption of the world into one’s way of thinking that is antithetical to GOD’s is to be double-souled/

minded, and note carefully that a little leaven leaven’s the whole lump, and this must be, from the start, the goal of life: to harvest this type of relationship from GOD with GOD to truly live the Victory in Truth!!

The Hebrew Word for victory is Neetsachon =Nun-Tsade-Chet-Waw/Vav-Nun Sofit. It means, through Hebrew eyes: Life;s desired harvest that separates and protects you to liveThe Crucifies man’s eternal-intense life. This is a

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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