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   Volume–Issue 79

GOD knows everything. All creation and all beings’ actions’ thoughts and lives are laid open and bare to HIM with WHOM we have to do. Hebrews 4:12, Ecclesiastes 12:14. So why do we live-do-think-and act so often in a manner that denies these truths? Thinking that, only one day, in the future (near), then and only then, will we ‘have to’ deal with GOD; so I can act in such a

way as pleases me in the meantime. Au contraire mon ami; to the contrary my friend. We always are before “THE FACE of GOD”, HE knows all, HE sees all, HE is cognizant of all; so do not be deceived, beloved brethren. GOD is often giving you enough time, to get it right, and not  get left. You have time to repent; but only so much. Repent.

the word in season to strike the heart and illumine the soul so much that they would know that GOD is with you and stands before them speaking to them through HIS son/daughter, speaking the truth in love in such a way that they know it could only be and truly is GOD. And that GOD is for them, not against them, and

Someone denies GOD and tells you that you are wrong? Open your heart; and be at peace in your soul; GOD is with you; and with you to help, help reach this other soul who is lost, lonely, hurt, disillusioned, disappointed. Even if they do not ‘know it’ yet, actually, deep down, they do; and ask GOD with expectation for

wants the prodigal to return Home, to The Heart of GOD, into The Fellowship of GOD and the family of GOD, to have a true future and a true hope. Don’t worry what they say to you; listen deeper; first to GOD, and then, through THE SPIRIT of GOD, to the needs, not merely the words of another human being in need.

ing the most important revelation of THE SPIRIT. This is both  deep and interesting.  The very Strength of JESUS is here designed as a Grace to give you a Strength that surrounds the Most Important Revelation of THE SPIRIT

that HE has given you; your life Purpose; your life Goal. It is only fulfilled in Him. Without HIM, left to one’s own whims and choices, we are  purposeless and goalless, adrift. With HIM and in HIM, we have HIS Strength and HIS Purpose to Live.

What does The word for ’purpose’ mean in Hebrew? It is very interesting. It is the same word for ‘goal’. It is:Matarah. It is spelled: Mem-Tet-Resh-Hey. It meaning, at a deeper level, is: Strength of THE MESSIAH that is surround

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