‘There is more to a man

than that between his hat and his shoes’,

as one poet, basically put it.


You are in a body, but you are not that body.

You have a soul, but you are not that soul.

You are a spirit, this is the real you.


In your body, you can go many places,

but only one at a time,

and limited by the physical to move in the physical; basically.


In your soul, you can feel deeply, think profoundly,

will and decide to do the great and small, as GOD Leads.

Your mind can travel to the past live in the present

muse on the future, holding eternal truth true until manifestly so,

on earth as it is in heaven.


But you, as a spirit, walking with GOD;

can go where no one but covenant-Blood-Bought saints can go, hear what the saints hear, learn what the saints learn, become what the saints become, transforming into The Same Image and Likeness of their LORD and Savoir, become CHRIST-like, through HIS SPIRIT, for HIS Glory, in HIS Kingdom...Come and See…

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Inside this issue:

                                   For HIS Glory             

For HIS Glory

August, 2014

Volume 95, Issue 95

Our goal:

Our goal is to reveal The Triune GOD to you through Hebrew eyes so much so that you will see HIM more clearly, love HIM more dearly, and worship HIM ever more sincerely. These monthly newsletters will well bring you ever closer to HIM.

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