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At least on two specific occasions, GOD moved one of HIS saints from one location on earth to another through a ‘transformative translocation’,  that should have peaked your interest in ‘The deeper things of GOD’. Philip, after ministering to the Ethiopian, bodily, immediately, through time and

space, to another place, where he then appeared, physically, and went his affairs. Appearing as a very matter of fact statement of truth, yet of a supernatural character that most saints have never known nor have even asked after GOD as to why it is in The Bible, and it’s relevance to us in our walk.  We’re asking.

what GOD calls you.1 Peter 3:11.  Your real ‘self-question’ is what your are doing; is it “right or wrong”?! Does it Honor GOD or not”?! Are men able to see your good works and glorify your FATHER WHO is in heaven”?! Does what you do in public and private; honor GOD and demonstrate a life and it’s actions as ‘true to HIS

People think you’re crazy-or weird-or even just a bit strange?!.  May well be true; but who wants to be ‘like the world’? Not me. Who wants to be ‘like the devil’? Not me. Who wants to be ‘like those who feed the flesh, and starve their spirit’? Not me. So you will look like ‘an alien and a sojourner’ here, but that’s

WORD”?!  Ask yourself, and ask THE HOLY SPIRIT, HER (see tapes on THE HOLY SPIRIT –available through our web site at: catalog-for ordering ), for sensitizing you ever finer and ever more completely, to The Will and Intent of THE GOD we should serve; love, and live as HE would , if HE were us. Now that’s normal, very normal...

WORD of GOD is both a Door to/of THE SON of GOD and a Path to/of THE SON. Fascinating! Every Word of GOD brings us to the SON, is a Door of the SON, is a path to THE SON, because It is a Path of THE SON! This point cannot be over-emphasized; and it must be pondered

more deeply. Read each Word from The Original Language, with these points in mind, ponder them deeply, drink them in fully, fill yourself up with The WORD of GOD and thus THE GOD of THE WORD! You will get closer to GOD, and better able to see HIM, love HIM, and serve HIM.

One of The Two Hebrew Words for Speaking that we will address here is: Davar. This is a most interesting Word in Hebrew; carrying The Intrinsic meaning: The Door to/of THE SON, and The Path to/of THE SON. This is most fascinating! For it directly implies that every Word in THE

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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