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The Gifts and Callings of GOD are irrevocable: Romans 11:27. You are created for a purpose.  Whether you believe in GOD or not, you have a purpose, and a plan for your life that is from GOD; it is GOD designed, GOD planned, and GOD orchestrated; it cannot be done without GOD. You can exist-but you will not truly live your destiny. It may appear so, but you

are only ‘living’ in your shadow as a shadow, without GOD, of your own mind, in your own way. And you may have some success as the world calls it; but it will not be recognizable in heaven for it is being attempted without GOD by you/another in your own flesh. One day, GOD will see you then, and say: “I never knew you,” You never were a part of Me so depart...

and GOD will work with you; for you; and in you; we are watching CHRIST being formed in you; through your walk with GOD, your walk of following GOD, and your walk in GOD (Colossians 2:6). THE HOLY SPIRIT is drawing you; leading you; expressing through you; to help us get up; grow up; and press in to

Someone is flowing and growing in The Gifts of GOD?! After you have surely made sure that it is from GOD, then Bless GOD; pray for that soul and push him/her into The Greater Glory of GOD.  We are a team, THE GOD Team; co-labor with GOD: 1 Corinthians 3:9;           2 Corinthians 6:1;   Remember,  GOD wants you; all of you;

GOD, driving in with passion-perseverance-and pressure your flesh to serve GOD by making it subservient to GOD; and The Gifts of GOD will help you accomplish this; every day; in every way; pushing you-pulling you-pressing you-expanding you: GOD has Great Plans for you; so desire Spiritual Gifts! Thank - GOD!

a Gift is something that GOD has given; and only GOD can give true Gifts. Thus a Gift, is something that is given, not taken-stolen-or bought– as Simon magus found out at the hands of Peter in The Bible in The Book of Acts. The True Desire that you have for a /several specific ‘Gifts’,

comes from THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD creating the desire in you to desire it, reach for it, strive for it, creating openings in your soul, in your life, in your ways, for GOD to come and Manifest as That gift, for The Common Good; Interested?! Come and See...

What is a Gift, in Hebrew? It is The Word: Matanah=Mem-Taw/v-Nun-Hey=Gift. It is based on The verbal Root:Natan =HE has Given (translated by us; with a capitalization for HE, when interpreted Contextually CHRISTologically).

It is thus fascinating:     

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