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The Fall Feasts all relate to The Larger Picture of CHRIST’s Second Coming; whereas The Spring Feasts all relate to CHRIST’s  First Coming. The Fall Feasts Relate to:  1.The Fifth Feast: Yom Terua-The Day of The Shout, also called: Yom HaDin = Day of  Judgment; also called: The Day The Books are opened and people’s lives  - works are judged.  2. Yom HaKippu

rim = Day of Atonements = CHRIST had died for The Sin of the world, now for HIS people; a cleansing, a new start for a redeemed world.   3. Booths—Tabernacles = A new world to live in a new body to travel in; and a New Place for us to live in, in THE LORD

as referring specifically to Yom Terua  =  The Day of The Shout, The  Fifth Feast, commonly known in rabbinic terms as: Rosh HaShanah. Amazing. This Moed =appointed Time-Feast, is the only one that starts on a new moon, thus, the beginning of the month. So, until the new month is recognized as being verified and thus a

someone doesn’t believe that JESUS is returning, and if so, not now, not soon, who knows when! And further.  “no one knows the day or hour of HIS Return.” Smile. Bless them. See if they’re receptive to learning and you are not offended and open to teaching. Share with them that:  “no one knows the day or the hour” is a Hebrew idiom, understood

new month is declared, then and only then can you say the holiday has begun. Thus, no one know the day or hour, speaks directly to The Fifth Feast, the very next one to be fulfilled by our LORD. We are waiting and watching and  working till HE Returns. HE Will. And Soon..

then have The Last Letter: Tav/w. The First Part: Shoov—means to return. The Tav/w—means: Cross, covenant. Thus, when we put the frames of this Living Word together, we get a fascinating Word Picture: To return to The Covenant of The

Cross! So, the true purpose of The Sabbath, is for all people to return to GOD through The Covenant of The Cross! The Only Way Home! On The Sabbath, as well as at The Cross, you cease from your own works.

The Hebrew Word for The Sabbath, is Shabbat. It is spelled, in Hebrew: Shin-Bet-Tav/w. It has many layers of meaning; many facets of Truth. The First One we will address here is quite fascinating: You take The first two Letters: Shin-Bet-forming The Root Word: Shoov, and

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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