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Volume–Issue 111

 They were-are 10 main sanctuaries— Temples: meeting –Dwelling Places with GOD in The Scriptures? Not just the first and second temples, there are eight more! Research our Catalog for: Kingdom Principles; a deep and 

remarkable study through The Holy Scriptures and a much deeper study ; extremely revealing, and of great importance to know where ‘you are’, where you were, and where ‘you’re going!’ Kingdom Principles-(digital download) will put your feet on solid spiritual ground.

called to do by THE SPIRIT speaking to us in real time. Personal sin, personal plans, fears, worries, the cares of this world, a world view—even a fraction of, to that degree, skews us from hearing GOD clearly. Personal prejudices die hard, often. We must love GOD more than self, and hate what GOD hates. Run to do

you can’t hear what people are saying and not saying to you?! You need “to Hear” both; to really know what is going on in their soul; and THE HOLY SPIRIT will Guide you, Teach you, and Lead you into “All The Truth”.  John 16:13. We are often ‘in the way’ of true hearing-perceiving and thus unable to truly do what we are

good in the land, turning from every form of evil. Connect better to people through GOD in perfect love without fear, without worry, fearlessly, deeply, connect with their soul, their life, their world view. Love them as CHRIST Loves them, even more than your self. Then you will begin to hear, and truly, hear well.

Once you are able to really perceive and understand the very essence of , the very nature of : that Word, that verse, That Book of The Bible, even: a NAME of GOD; you can be said to be, Hebraically speaking, hearing, at least a good beginning, and pressing in through that for fuller

understanding. Yet that must be done, activated, performed, utilized, transformed, worked, manifested, to truly fulfill The Word “ to hear”: Shema.    Now,                            “hear”  HIM.

What does The Word “Hear” mean in Hebrew? It is very interesting. The Root Word is : Shema: Shin-Mem-Ayin.  At One Level, it means: to understand the name”  What that means is basically to understand the nature and the very essence of what you are reading, listening to, etc.

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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