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JESUS = YESHUA is our High Priest?  Absolutely—Hebrews 4:14.  Further, since JESUS, The High Priest, holds HIS Priesthood forever- Hebrews 7:23-24; and Hebrews 7:28,  there is no need for another, since This Seat is now permanently occupied!  Further, since

HE is of a tribe –The Tribe of Judah, which is other than the one prescribed with great detail in The Bible; The Tribe of Levi, there has been a True change: Hebrews 7:11-17, and Psalm 110:4 . Now, Trust and follow GOD to a New Glory...

Cross of our LORD JESUS CHRIST = ADONAINU YESHUA HAMASHIACH, through WHOM the world is Crucified to me, and I to the world.” The words of people, the world, the flesh, and the devil, will lose their hold and influence on you; and you will get free. Free in mind, free in body, free in soul, free in spirit; you will 

people question your life as a Christian and your work and words and lifestyle as a follower of MESSIAH YESHUA = CHRIST JESUS. If and when you are becoming a mature living sacrifice, the world will lose its power and hold on you.  For in Galatians 6:14: “GOD Forbid that I should glory in anything except The

finally be able to live, for to me to live is CHRIST =THE MESSIAH; WHO you will experience, truly know, as LIFE ITSELF. Becoming not only your experience but your life, HIS LIFE, living IT; as a Living Sacrifice! What is there to say to another? Join us... Live, never die.  You will see The Works that Glorify THE FATHER in me.

  A true sacrifice “enters the house, it enters the tabernacle, it enters the Temple, to do what it is designed to do. Notice this is also shown to pierce the wall, go through the place of separation, so it enters the tabernacle to 

be as a given, before GOD, on HIS Altar.  It is to be subtely noted that the third letter is a Chet, being the wall, fence, place of separation. It is the place of transformation, change, taking the next step. A sacrifice is Designed to move us from Faith to Faith, Strength to Strength, Glory to Glory.

The Hebrew Word for Sacrifice is fascinating. It is: Zevach= Zayin-Bet-Chet. Thus, Letter by Letter, The Term: Sacrifice =Zevach ,means, at a deeper Level: The  weapon piercing the house-temple-tabernacle– and the  wall-fence-place of  separation.

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