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  that in The Bible, JESSUS calls judas “a friend”?! Yes. Matthew 26:50: And YESHUA  said unto him, Friend (Raa-a), wherefore art thou come? Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus, and took HIM. “ Stunning, that JESUS = YESHUA would call him friend, but  The

Hebrew clears up The Distinction. The more common term:Resh-Ayin =Raa-a, for a friend; comrade, mate, fellow, is used of yehudah = judas; but not the intimate Term that is used of one’s Love. There are two words we will define in your Hebrew Lesson below, learn the distinction; which one are you? Be HIS Love =  A True Friend!

it may not be going where you are meant to go at all.  See if it but for a moment, analyze if it is for an ’acquaintance’ type relationship; then expect no more of it if you’re in it.  But now, if you seek and find, and are sought out as one to be a friend “that is wholly given over” to another in The Depths of True Christian friendship

someone says they want to be your friend? Take it seriously, examine carefully, pray about it thoroughly, from a Hebraic Melkizedekian Perspective of knowing The End from The Beginning. Are they just wanting to be a “Raa-’a, a friend, mate, companion?  Nothing deeper? Be aware of that road you are stepping onto and it’s course;

based on and through and to –Romans 11:36 your Relationship First –Last and throughout to GOD, then pursue it; it is meant to be. But always watch what you put in your soul, watch what you put in your heart, watch what you put in your life;  there are consequences. Eternity is forever. Strive for true Love-Be a Friend.

truth; from the heart. The Second Word we will do for The Word friend is the more rare Word: Ohev = Aleph-Hey-Bet. It is The Same Root Word in Hebrew for The Word: Love!!   This is used, for example, of Abraham in Isaiah 41:8. A special Term, an unusual Term, denoting a form of rela

tionship of depth that is all to rare both in life and in The biblical World; strive for it. This type of relationship, this type of friendship is based on Love, true, wholly given over to the one of your love, revealing THE FATHER GOD’s Grace and Mercy and SPIRIT in The Process of Relationship.

What is a friend, in Hebrew? It is The Word: Raa-a=friend. We will examine It’s Hebrew Root word: Resh-Ayin =Raa-’a. This first Word for friend is one who is-has the most important understanding-sight. A true friend is one who can look into the depths of the matter and speak

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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