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GOD has not forgotten you. HE has not left you. Reach for HIM, take hold of HIM. Never let HIM go. HE will be better than your best dreams, greater than  your wildest imaginations.  Learn HIS Ways, trust HIM, rest in HIM. With GOD, everything, everything is going to be alright!.

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come,  and The Glory of THE  LORD is risen upon thee.”


The Heart of The Matter

A tree is a phenomenal creation, an object of pure beauty: strong, tall, majestic, blossoming, it grows in all directions: up-down-outwards, establishing itself with authority, firmness, longevity, stamina. Providing: shelter, food, protection.

It provokes feelings of wonder, and majesty, joy, praise rising to the heavens.            It’s colors warm and soothe, heal and restore. Even sitting under a tree can easily re-energize a tired body.  You are this tree: a phenomenal creation, strong, tall, majestic, growing, blossoming in all

directions.  Established by GOD Directly, given authority, longevity, and life;  providing others with: food, shelter, direction and protection from the world and the ‘elements.’ You need     to rethink you; to renew your mind to and with GOD; become who HE says you are, and you will be truly amazed and eternally grateful to GOD.

When father Abraham believed GOD, GOD imputed it for him for righteousness, in Genesis 15:6.  Even more so, we see GOD giving us further Light of The Truth in 2 Corinthians 5:21, stating at the end of the verse, The Truth that “we are becoming

The Righteousness of GOD.” Notice carefully, it does not say here that we have The righteousness of GOD, but that we are transforming-becoming-in essence, The Very Righteousness of GOD. Wow

Righteousness is a very powerful word in Hebrew. Righteousness is not something we can “earn”, but it is a quality of GOD that is Given, as a Grace, as a Gift, as an Act of GOD’s Love; for you and me, HIS People.

For HIS Glory


of Righteousness

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