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GOD has not forgotten you. HE has not left you. Reach for HIM, take hold of HIM. Never let HIM go. HE will be better than your best dreams, greater than  your wildest imaginations.  Learn HIS Ways, trust HIM, rest in HIM. With GOD, everything, everything is going to be alright!.

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come,  and The Glory of THE  LORD is risen upon thee.”

The Seven Spirits and MESSIAH

The Heart of The Matter

JESUS is The Rod out of The Stem of Yishai = Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots. And The Spirit of THE LORD shall rest on HIM, The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, The Spirit of Counsel and Strength, The Spirit of Knowledge and The

Spirit of The Fear of THE LORD. Isaiah 11:1-2 and note what happens recorded in the next verse:”and They shall make HIM of quick understanding in The Fear of THE LORD, and HE shall not judge after HIS own eyes nor reprove after the hearing of HIS own

ears...Isaiah 11:3. The Messiah HIMSELF shows us The Path through and of HIMSELF, HE is our Pattern, HE is our Blueprint, HE is THE ONLY WAY to THE FATHER, John 14:6. HE worked with The Seven Spirits so must we; so we ask by faith to enter into relationship with Them, and learn..

our Pattern, HE is our Model; we must follow HIM WHO is THE WAY as our WAY to do everything, period. But this relationship with The Seven Spirits of GOD is virtually unknown in Christendom,  but that is

changing,  and you will learn here and now how important It is and in The Live class in April 2017 which will be streamed and recorded and then available on our web site; Learn.

This is very important. The Same seven Spirits of GOD that rested upon HIM in HIS earthly Ministry are here as our teachers and tutors during our earthly ministry. For YESHUA = JESUS is our Blueprint, HE is

For HIS Glory


The Seven Spirits and Us

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