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That The Seven Spirits of GOD in Isaiah 11:2, are also paired, for a reason?! “The Spirit of THE LORD Shall rest upon HIM, The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, The Spirit of Counsel and Strength, The Spirit of Knowledge and The Fear of THE LORD.” These  Spirits are not only unique indi

vidually, but are also operational in pairs. To apply Wisdom, one needs understanding. To apply counsel effectively, one needs the strength to breakthrough. To utilize knowledge, one needs the proper framework of The Spirit of The Fear of THE LORD to apply it properly. Remember the grammar, and use it accordingly.

least on the Following Bases:  1. It ‘s Principle is found in The Bible. There is a fundamental principal that it is of GOD in The Bible.  2. It demonstrates The Nature-The Identity –The Character– and The Essence of GOD. IT must, if it is of GOD, and thus it will not contradict

Someone says:that’s not in The Bible, when you know that GOD has revealed something to you and it bears fruit that it is bringing closer to THE FATHER and THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT?! Once it is confirmed that it is entirely so, and unequivocally of GOD, then you should be able to verify it is so Biblically at

Eternal Principles that GOD has already set forth in HIS WORD. 3. “Does it Bring you Closer”, does what is revealed to you bring you to see HIM more clearly, love HIM more dearly and worship HIM more sincerely. It should.

GOD. The Next letter is: Ayin, meaning, basically: to see, to understand. Thus, putting together The Whole Word for 7; at a deeper level than your basic dictionary; is: To see and understand The Return. To understand why you return, to understand, how to return, to understand WHO to

return to. There is more. In reaching 7, you come through the process to understand how to return and you complete it in The Seventh, as in Shabbat  = The Sabbath. Which has the same word :Shoov in The First two of its three letters! Sabbath means to return to The Covenant! Amen!

Let’s examine one form of the Hebrew Word for The number 7; it is :Sheva. It is spelled: Shin-Bet-Ayin. The Root is Shoov = to return. It is ultimately to return to GOD, to return to The Ultimate State within GOD, to return to Completion, to return to Perfection, to Return to

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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