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GOD has not forgotten you. HE has not left you. Reach for HIM, take hold of HIM. Never let HIM go. HE will be better than your best dreams, greater than  your wildest imaginations.  Learn HIS Ways, trust HIM, rest in HIM. With GOD, everything, everything is going to be alright!.

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come,  and The Glory of THE  LORD is risen upon thee.”


The Heart of The Matter

In, an amazing word, especially when applied to GOD. How do we first understand these things? One approach is to see what it is, and what it is not, and then see what applies, for us, to GOD. First, in, is locative. It defines being placed within some

thing or someone or somewhere at some time; these are minimal requirements. Then, by contrast it is not somewhere, it is not in someone, it is not somewhere else. Further it is in accord with someone and/or something. IT is not at odds with someone,

they are “in accord”. So, we can begin to get a sense to be in GOD is in SOMEONE AND SOMEWHERE and to be in agreement and accord to The Degree to be in HIS WILL according to HIS WAY. Are you in or out? And if in, you must go deeper. Ephesians 3:18. BE EVER IN...

Ephesians 3:18: The Breadth-The Length-The Height-The Depth of Each and Every Matter-Thought-Idea-Truth-Revelation of GOD that is from GOD that draws you ever closer to go ever deeper in GOD; strive-run-press in-die daily, keep your

Focus on HIM, Choose HIM, Focus on HIM, Engage HIM, every step and every fiber of your being is striving to know HIM intimately as one, The Heart on Fire will reveal GOD in YOU.

Notice THE WORD: HIM; it is not you; the  focus is on HIM. THE GOAL is to be ever in HIM; The Goal is to learn to disengage from:the world—the flesh—and the influence of the devil, to be free to go further to GOD as you are in GOD; in all directions:

For HIS Glory



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