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GOD has not forgotten you. HE has not left you. Reach for HIM, take hold of HIM. Never let HIM go. HE will be better than your best dreams, greater than  your wildest imaginations.  Learn HIS Ways, trust HIM, rest in HIM. With GOD, everything, everything is going to be alright!.

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come,  and The Glory of THE  LORD is risen upon thee.”

Overcoming the world and the flesh

The Heart of The Matter

A critical stage, from which we will start with The Word of GOD in Galatians 6:14, that states: GOD Forbid that I should Glory in anything except the cross of MASHIACH = CHRIST, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world. First, do not glorify yourself, but humble yourself un

der The Mighty Hand of GOD, HE Alone will exalt you at the proper time. You can Glory I The Cross, because here you meet The shadow of GOD’s Heart. This is based on a deeper analysis of The Intrinsic Hebrew Meaning. In HIS Death, we find Life, HIS. In losing our life for HIS sake we find ours, in HIM. The

world has been crucified, to you. Walk in The Victory through HIS Faith, and then note, you have been crucified to the world. Death has been applied to your old man, walk dead, live dead, be dead to live in HIM. Thus, the world will have nothing to ”work with,” and overcoming will be your victorious walk and life.

dealt with, crucified, and that area been given to THE KING YESHUA = JESUS and HIS Kingdom and THE HOLY SPIRIT to rule and reign over, on and through.  So you must get to work. If you only deal with fending him off or away,  you will be attacked potentially

for years, or until you deal with you, and then attack him-the devil, from your victory on The Cross. You eternally win in MASHIACH = CHRIST and the enemy eternally loses. When he tries to remind you of your past sins, you remind him of his future.

First, note, that the devil needs something to work with, something in you for him to connect with to tie you to him. With the first attack, you should immediately recognize that though he attacks you, he is also exposing something in you that has not been

For HIS Glory


Overcoming the devil

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