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You have an eternal destiny in GOD?! You are called sons of GOD, through The Son of GOD.  In 1 John 3:2, GOD tells us: “it has not yet appeared what we shall be…”, people, you have limitless potential in GOD. Then, in Isaiah 9:7, GOD Tells us that ”of The Increase of HIS Government and It’s

Peace there will be no end…” You are The Peak of The Creation of GOD, you are made in The Image and Likeness of GOD. GOD has an Eternal Destiny for you. It is Limitless. You have unending potential. You can’t even dream or imagine what HE has in store for you; Hold on and Hope on and Grow on and Go become One with GOD!

2. you that has been there to present.

3.  Replace the wrong response with One CHRIST HIMSELF would use. Now you have redeemed the circumstance from the entanglement of sin.

GOD is helping you out of you, getting rid of that which is not HIM, so more of HIM can be

When someone or something bugs you and you react in an un-CHRIST-like manner? Three fold response:

1.  Thank-GOD for the revelation of what needed to be brought to light to free you from hidden chains.

2.  Ask GOD for forgiveness for this unaddressed issue within

hosted by you, manifest through you, manifest with you. Even one day, manifest as you; there are stages to go through. Come and See…        

We must grow up, into HIM WHO is THE HEAD, CHRIST. Going to Heaven should never be your Goal, HE is your Goal. Set your heart and mind ever on HIM, and be One = Echad.

Word  “Eternity”.  ‘Olam means eternity in English. Second, ‘Olam also means ”World”, in English. Third, ‘Olam also means “hidden” in English, as in , for example, Ecclesiastes 12:14. This is beautiful, from One Word, we have Three beautiful branches that also reveal a concept

clearly hidden within; being , that ‘Olam means: something eternally hidden in the world. Wow, beautiful. Really beautiful. Further, the intrinsic meaning of The Original Three Letters builds it’s Own story: To see The Authoritative Teaching of the FINAL MESSIAH.

Let us look at a most fascinating Hebrew Word: ‘Olam. This word is spelled: Ayin-Lamed-Mem Sofit, basically. There is a variant. The above though is The Hebrew Word for really Three Hebrew Words, all with This Same Root!. This Word ‘Olam has It’s First meaning in The

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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