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The Two Tablets of GOD  are commonly called: The Ten commandments. What It actually says in The Original Hebrew is:  Ten Words. This is exactly what it says in The Hebrew, not ‘Ten Commandments’, but 10 Words. A Profound Distinction one must study, carefully.

Further, The Writing was on Both Sides! On Both sides of The Tablets. This is almost never portrayed in movies or in replicas, but It is so Why? So when Moses would hold The Tablets, the entire camp, people in front of and behind him would always have The Words of GOD facing them, FACE to face. Amazing, our GOD.

has destined us to be, and until you are walking like HIS SON and mistaken for HIM, you have far to go. We are told to go from Glory to Glory in The Bible, from Faith to Faith, and from Strength to Strength. We are told to run our race, yes run it, not to Stop! Run our Race to finish It, and not only finish It but run It in such a

I’m happy with my relationship with GOD, I ‘m happy where I’m at now, no need to do all this other work.    I’m reminded of what Michelangelo said one, I believe:’ It is not that men shoot so high and fail to attain it, they often shoot so low and to realize it .’ GOD expects, demands, deserves us to become All, yes All that HE

way that you might Win! We are told to press in, press in to the Upward Call of GOD in MASHIACH YESHUA =MESSIAH JESUS. Don’t you want more of HIM?! We should hunger to get ever closer, hearts on fire, feet flying nothing able to stop you from getting to our LIVING BREAD our Manna from heaven. Okay?!             

fascinating. So far from their experience, a food coming down from heaven, coming into the world but not of the world, giving them substance from another place to easily meet all their physical food needs, always being sufficient and always the right amount, from GOD

to them, wherever you are, meeting your needs, daily, giving you this Day, your daily bread. JESUS, in John 6, calls HIMSELF that to which this Manna points: For HE feeds you HIMSELF, you partake of HIM, HE is your all sufficient Portion, lacking nothing, causing you never to hunger again.

The First Mention of The Hebrew Word: Manna, is in Shemot = Exodus 16:15. It is a fascinating Word. In Hebrew It is really Two Words, and we can Transliterate It as such: Ma Hu.   The First                  Word means: What.                                  The Second Word means: He/she/it.     Thus: What is IT? This is

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What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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