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that The Term “Shadow” exists within The Hebrew Word for Cross, as in CHRIST’s Cross,     ultimately?!                      The Hebrew Word for Cross, is: Tselav.

It is composed of Two Words and three Letters. First, The Letters: Tsade-Lamed-Bet.

Second, The Two Words, 

conjoined at a middle Letter. The First Word is :Tsel =Shadow, which you are Learning about in This Newsletter. The Second Word is: Lev = Heart. Thus, amazingly, The Cross is a Living Picture of “The Shadow of The Heart”. Being a Picture on earth of a heavenly reality; Fulfilling a Destiny on earth as it is in heaven.

there or/and heaven is here. This is the main thing. This is also our responsibility, this is also our charge. We must make it very difficult for them to deny, very difficult for them to walk away from the truth, very difficult for them to walk away from Home. They should see Heaven in your eyes, feel its warmth on earth through

Someone just doesn’t see it/ or get it, when you are talking and explaining things to them? The Factors are many, but  Germane to our newsletter topic, we either haven’t represented heaven well to them, or we haven’t made it manifestly evident to them on earth, shadowing it so well they would think that they are

your touch, and be enveloped by your heart back into eternity, into the true reality they once knew but have shifted away from. Truth is ever greater than the lie, Love is stronger than death, Hope will never weary or faint. You are the one to get it Done.  Do It, and know  that  you never walk alone.

Thus They Speak to us The Unalterable Truths of GOD through Their CREATOR in such a Way as no other language can; for all other languages are of man; Hebrew Alone, IS THE LIVING        LANGUAGE of GOD. Now, lets Look at some of The Word pictures for The Hebrew Word for “Shadow”, Tsel, and see what THE SPIRIT IS SAYING to the churches.  One Picture Is: The Desire of Authority. For a shadow is submitted to follow

the exact pattern of The Substance of Which it is a shadow for and of. Thus  The Shadow Is under The Lordship of The Substance for Which it is Shadowing.  A Second Picture for A Shadow is: The Harvest of The Teaching. For The Teaching yields fruit after its own kind, as a Shadow is to The Substance. So be a Shadow of GOD and Bring a Harvest of HIS Teaching to all



What is The Hebrew Word for ”Shadow” and how are we to understand It? Let’s see, together, through Hebrew Eyes.  The Hebrew Word for “Shadow” is “Tsel”.  Tsel: It is composed of Two Hebrew Letters: Tsade-Lamed. Now, note that Hebrew Words are Living Words, and thus Hebrew Letters are Living Letters. Cf. Hebrews 4:12.

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Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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