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that The Word Step has Ultimately everything to do With What GOD did for us at The Cross?! Understanding your Hebrew Lesson (below) will unlock The Step to forever one must take to be ever close to or ever cut off and away from GOD, for one must step in HIS Step, and also appropriate The Work Done on

our behalf, an eternally Binding and Freeing payment that established The Step and Only step necessary and The Only Way humanity could and thank GOD be reconciled to GOD. Understand this well, and then do your Hebrew Lesson immediately below with this ever in view to frame your understanding correctly. AMEN!

ning, know your Scroll well enough to intersect you at a GOD-Given DIVINELY Appointed Time to speak into you, and it will ever ring True in your innermost Being, in your inner sanctum far away from the corruption of the world the flesh and the devil; you know, you will always know. What you choose may be different , due

You should be doing something else, when you share with them your next step in Life? Other than the inherent wrong actions against GOD-man-and Conscience, only someone hearing and seeing GOD’s Plan for your Life would know The Next Step for your Life because they can see The End from The Begin

to weaknesses and entanglements you have with the world the flesh and the devil, but you will always know The Truth, you cannot deny it or avoid it, it is ever present. Listen for THE HOLY SPIRIT’S VOICE, and be Like YESHUA =JESUS WHO Only did What HE SAW THE FATHER DOING. You must follow The Path too.

Fire. Fire itself is a picture of GOD Consuming. Now, The next Letter, in our Word Picture for “Step” is Waw, also known as a Vav in modern Hebrew. We teach Both. It represents, a nail, a nail, a man, to establish, to name a few of its inherent concepts and identities. Then, a

Resh. Resh means, highest, most important, head. So, all together,  we have a  deeply revealing Word picture that truly applies ultimately to our LORD, for a step is: GOD consuming The crucified man who is The Head. Thus our Step to Forever is to Accept Forever GOD’s Sacrifice.

A very interesting Word:Ashur =Aleph-shin –Waw/Vav-Resh. This is The Hebrew Word for a Step. It is, a deeper Level, a Word Picture for us to see, apprehend, comprehend, do, and follow. It is a picture, The First Two Letters: Aleph-shin =Esh =Fire. A step has something to do with

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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