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GOD has not forgotten you. HE has not left you. Reach for HIM, take hold of HIM. Never let HIM go. HE will be better than your best dreams, greater than  your wildest imaginations.  Learn HIS Ways, trust HIM, rest in HIM. With GOD, everything, everything is going to be alright!.

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come,  and The Glory of THE  LORD is risen upon thee.”


The Heart of The Matter

Yes of Course, HE and HE Alone DID IT ALL; there is nothing to add to it, THE FINISHED Works of CHRIST are just that, Finished. At The Cross, Yochanan = John 19:30 , YESHUA = JESUS said: NISHLAM!! =Paid in Full, loosely but not accurately, translated: It is Finished.

Then, from The Death, to The Burial, to The Resurrection, to The Ascension, to The Enthronement in Heaven,  IT IS HIS WORK, Within The GODHEAD, all Being Accomplished. For WHO? For us. For GOD so Loved the world, the world of people, the race made in HIS IMAGE and HIS LIKENESS,

That HE Came and died, that we might Live. HE Came down so we can go back up. HE Put on Dust, so we could put on Glory. HE Was Silent, so we could sing. HE dwelt among men, that we would dwell with angels. HE Did it All. You eternally Thank HIM for it all, for without HIM, you would have less than nothing at all, period.

The Heir is a child, he is a slave to all, Though lord of all. Wow, the first verse lays it out, it is convicting, not condemning, Time to grow up, from a slave to a son; from a slave to a king. The next verse Lays out one of the procedural Steps that is all

too rarely done; how to do this. He is put under governors and tutors till the Time appointed by THE FATHER. Gal. 4:2  Wow, amazing. Then do It. The Tutors are The Seven Spirits of GOD, and we did a Tape series on It to help you. Get Started

If HE Did IT all, Which assuredly, HE Did, what is there for us to do? Nothing for salvation, everything, because of salvation. Now its immediately Time to grow up to maturity. Step by step. We, Galatians 4:1-2, though Heirs of CHRIST, as Long as

For HIS Glory


Maturing to Adulthood in CHRIST

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