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Did you Know that      JESUS =YESHUA was speaking to HIS people, The Jews, in John 8:31-32, which we are addressing in this newsletter? Remember, if you are not a Believer in HIM, if there is no Covenantal Relationship, you need first and foremost before anything else you do to get right, right now

with GOD. Go to: forHIS Glory.org the home page, and we will walk you through it all. Look at The Statement of Faith in This newsletter, on the Last page, assent and agree and believe to the best and truest heart you have, and GOD will come inside of you, live in you, transform you, giving you a future and a hope now.

them and shoulder it with them through CHRIST and by THE HOLY SPIRIT to Lift it off their back-body-heart– and soul; free them. If they are not struggling with apparent sin, Shine your Light in such a way they would see by contrast their sin and be self-convicted and then reach out with The Solution, The Cross, The

Someone says one thing and does another? Listen to the true Language: what they DO. For What they DO, speaks more Loudly. Pay attention next and before reaching conclusions, to their Heart, for out of the mouth the heart speaks. Listen for the conflict, listen for the struggle. If a person is struggling with sin support

Blood, THE LIFE of THE MESSIAH. There is no other way to be Saved-right with GOD-go to heaven– Live eternally with HIM except by HIM. No short cuts. No other way. No one is good enough on their own, no one is bad enough to be left out when they finally reach out, to GOD. Eternity, is Too Long to be wrong. Get JESUS

tions and conditions and benefits, depending on The Covenant. But They are all sacred. And Truth under girds it all. Is it not Written in The Sacred Bible:Pslam 119:160 “The Head of YOUR WORD IS TRUTH…”. “There is nothing we can do against The Truth only for The Truth” 2 Corin

thians 13:8. Fantastic. There is another Hebrew Insight We Want to share with you. You cannot disturb even one Letter without changing intrinsic meaning: for to remove The First Letter of The Word Truth:Emet, you would be Left with a “dead-corpse”  = Mate. Truth, inviolable, eternal.

Truth is a fantastic Hebrew Word: Emet. It is written With The Living Letters:Aleph-Mem-Taw/v. It is translated, at one Level, Letter by Letter: The First Strength of Covenant. Isn’t That Interesting! All Covenants in The Bible are Sacred Pacts between GOD and man, with various obliga

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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