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that a great Way to see The Kingdoms Breaking Through is evidenced in The Old Testament = Tanach, in Micah 2:12-13. We See THE BREAKER, Breaking through, WHO is THE LORD, and THE KING, breaking through at The Head of HIS people, Leading them to The Promised Land, Being The Path for Them, Be

ingTHE HEAD of Them, Being the Source of LIFE, The Direction They go, establishing them in HIM, Leading them to The Promised Land, Leading them to Victory, destroying Their enemies before them, winning The Warriors War for Them, Being their HERO, their CHAMPION, their LORD and KING.

begun to see what true love looks like. Fully passionate, relentless, driving, striving, yielding, growing, learning, adapting, changing, becoming, awakening, manifesting, revealing, The ONE you Love, for you are becoming ECHAD = One, where there is often (here unequivocally yes) one with each Other, With THE

Someone sees your unswerving devotion to GOD, how you serve love follow and lovingly obey JESUS = YESHUA in every Way, and they tell you you’re fanatical, you’re being extreme, and Sunday morning once a week is more than enough to be a Christian. Smile, Bless them, thank them for noticing, but they have just

ONE you Love WHO is Love Manifest. HE Set The Pattern. For GOD so loved The World = you-humanity, That HE Gave HIS ONLY ONE and ONLY SON, Whose whole Life Manifestly on earth was to destroy the works of The Devil and set men free. HE Lived here for you, so you can once again Live, and ever Live With HIM.

So Kingdom, is spelled: Mem-Mem-Lamed-Caf-Hey. The Strong Kings Spirit. This is One Layer of Meaning. For The Kingdom, evidenced in peoples hearts and souls, will demonstrate The Strength of The Kings Spirit resting on them and in them in all they do, throughout their

entire lives, in this world, and the next, throughout all eternity.  The Kingdom then, is vastly deep, and infinite in all directions as it continues to expand through people from THE INFINITE SOURCE of the KINGDOM; Its KING, through HIS people, made in HIS Image and Likeness.

The Hebrew Word Kingdom =Momlachah, is fascinating. It is based on The Hebrew Term for King: Melech = Mem-Lamed-Caf Sofit. It has an additional Letter at The Beginning and at The End of The Word for King. So Kingdom, is spelled: Mem-Mem-Lamed-Caf-Hey.

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Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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