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You can see many expels of people, just like you and me, molded in THE HANDS AND HEART of GOD, achieve amazing Breakthroughs: Moshe = Moses, Av Avraham = Father Abraham, the many saints of Hebrews chapter 11, people who faced insurmountable odds and with GOD did The Im

possible All The Time! They Trusted GOD, they believed in GOD, they believed GOD for Great things. A GOD WHO IS GREAT is Fully Capable of Great things, and our GOD, THE ONLY TRUE GOD, is more than able to do and be all that we will ever need, All The Time. Walk-Work-Live and Be with HIM then, all the time.

in Living not Laying around; you have a charge, a mission and a commission, and we are all answerable to HIM WHO gives us Life; for the life and its choices that we make, and don’t. GOD Loves you, that’s not the question; and it should never be, the question is Do you Love GOD the Way GOD Wants Requires and Desires to

Someone sees you are so driven in your pursuit of GOD it concerns them and they basically tell you to ‘slow down’, ‘stop taking things so seriously’,  ‘hey, you’re making me look bad’. Thank them, and go on. It is nice to be recognized, though not necessary, that you are driven, you have a Life to Live and you are interested

be Loved? Have you even asked? Living your Life the way both you and GOD agreed to before coming to this earth is one of The True Ways that you do the Act of Loving GOD through a Life Lived the way you should and could, when you choose Life, HIS; and Thereof, Live yours. There is no other Way.

other : to speak The Greatest Eternal Harvest. Thus, to Breakthrough, we administer a break that shatters a pathway open in and against and through The Problem-The Issue—The Wall, to our Great Harvest, our Eternal Desire, as we shift reality that responds to The Words of

GOD in our mouth that enter The atmosphere, connect-engage-activate and shift the realities to be those of our Destiny, our harvest, our inheritance. For you are pursuing your Life in and of HIM, and as you are freed, you can truly Live HIM. HE IS your Life your DESTINY your REWARD.

The Term for Break, as the root word for Breakthrough, and The Root Word for The Title of JESUS = YESHUA in Micah 2:12-13 in context: The Breaker: is parats = Pey-Resh-Tsade Sofit =And it means, at one Layer of Light and Truth: To speak The Highest and Greatest Desire-and an

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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