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The Priests had access to GOD. A very revealing thought, especially for New Testament Believers from the point of Truth, of The Tabernacle of The Wilderness and The Temple Models in The Old Testament = Tanach. You see that only priests participated in The sacrificial system and in representing man

to GOD, and being in The various areas of The Temple. The Tabernacle-Temples represented a portal-gateway into another world-of GOD, where GOD would be engaged in progressive stages, until you were: face To FACE. Have you “Stepped In” to HIS World? Or are you merely on earth trying to reach?!

through to your answer, a true change of heart, an acknowledgement of THE GREAT GOD you are petitioning, and do not let up until you have received it. Ask and keep on asking, till you have received. Keep on seeking, until you have found your Answer. Keep on Knocking, until The Door that was shut is now open. For every

Someone needs help? You help them. How? As a priest, you have The Obligation to represent man to GOD, and then you also have The Obligation to represent GOD to man. Help bring their sacrifice to GOD; as praise, as an offering, with Teshuvah-true repentance, with an attitude of Thanksgiving to help Break

one that asks shall receive, everyone that seeks, will find, everyone that knocks, that door will open to them. This is the job of the priest, to represent man to GOD and align them properly to HIM ALONE. And then, with GOD, from heaven, bring the answer into their Spirit-Soul-Body Like our HIGH PRIEST JESUS. Get Busy

First and Last Letters, for example form the Word = Cane =yes, in English. It means: yes. The middle Letter = Hey = to reveal show-spirit-Grace, are a few of Its core Meanings and expressions.  Thus, this fascinating Word picture, for your job description, is:1. To reveal The Yes.   

Now we need more depth to open this up in English. The Term Cane = Yes, means Letter by Letter: The Crowning accomplishment of Eternal Life. And thus a Priest is to reveal and show forth The Spirit of Grace in The Crowning Accomplishment of Eternal Life.

The Hebrew Term for Priest is endlessly fascinating and revealing, as The Whole Language IS, Rooted In and of GOD. Here, The Term Priest: Cohen = Priest; is composed of Three Living Letters:  Kaf-Hey-Nun Sofit. They form Meaning that is deep and broad, high and wide. Here, The

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Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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