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You are to know no man according to flesh anymore, not even THE LORD, WHO IS GOD; But you are to know HIM not according to the flesh, anymore. Come to Heaven to know and meet THE LORD  of GLORY, THE LORD of Heaven and Earth, THE ETERNAL ONE, WHO dies no more, But Lives ever af

ter, The Eternal One. Stop relating to people as physical fallen entities,  when they are now a new creation, the old has past away, why are you chasing after that, looking in that direction. Forget what lies behind.  Look into the new, The Truth, The Life, incorruptibility,  for you and for others.. Welcome to The New Life.

Kingdom. Then there is: The Church, The Kingdom of GOD. You are more than another Kingdom, GOD says you alone are The Kingdom of GOD as HIS people, HIS Children, birthed out of GOD, just a little lower than GOD, unique and distinct forevermore of all HIS creation from all HIS Creation,  All will recognize That you

What do you say when GOD says to you that You are a New Creation, the old has past away, HE HAS MADE All Things new.  You are to accept The Truth that you are an unseen, unprecedented Creation of GOD HIMSELF. Just as you see The Animal Kingdom, The Vegetable Kingdom, The human Kingdom, the angelic

alone have that from GOD, that no other has, made in HIS IMAGE And LIKENESS. You are able to Bear HIS IMAGE, Be HIS SHADOW, Reflect HIS GLORY into the earth and all creation, you have an inheritance and Heritage that is With JESUS HIMSELF, GOD Loves you,  Smile-Enjoy IT Now.


but new, unprecedented. This world is fallen. You and others like you bring the new in, the goal becoming to make it on earth as it is in  Heaven. The Word at a much deeper parsing Level of The Hebrew has a stunning double sense:           1. The Gate of The Path of Consuming.                  

2. The Gate of The Path of Destroying. These are Both equally; deeper definitions of The Hebrew Word: Chadash –New.                                     The Gate of The Path consumes Life and Life more abundantly.              2. The Gate of The Path that destroys all that is not of GOD. Amen

Know and Learn The Hebrew Word for: New, at a deeper Level. The Hebrew word for New is: CHADASH. It is Spelled in Hebrew:Chet-Dalet-Shin.  The Word Itself Means: new, unprecedented, never have been seen before.  It is not something you have seen before in this world

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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