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That there was a garden in Eden eastward in Genesis 2, there is also a garden of Eden in Heaven  - Ezekiel 28, and saints who overcome will have the right to The Tree of Life, which

is in The Paradise of GOD –Revelation 2:7. Further, there is a principle, hidden in plain view, as above, so below, as in GOD, so within HIS Seed. There is a garden for you to explore in your Heart

who Love HIM. Next Verse: “But IT IS REVEALED By HIS SPIRIT... GOD Will reveal to many, things Whose Principles and patterns and protocols are typically evidenced in The Bible, but rarely dis

Some do not Believe there is a garden in your Heart? Say: 1 Corinthians 2:9. It IS Written, eye hasn’t seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered the hearts of man, all that GOD has in store for those

cerned and experienced for they are merely read and planted at a soul level, and rarely, albeit momentarily, with rare an exception, open up to Heaven

Two Parts at one Level; A root, and a Letter. The Root Word of Shamar IS: SHEM. This means: Name. The Resh is a Letter Whose intrinsic Meaning is: The Highest/the Most important.

Thus a Beautiful word Picture: when you guard or Keep at GOD’s Command you are engaging The Highest Most Important Essence

To further develop one of The Two Hebrew words: SHAMAR =to guard, To Keep, from Genesis 2:15, as our duty in The Garden. The Original Hebrew Word is really composed of

Your Hebrew Lesson

What do you say when

Text Box: Rev 22:12 
“And, behold, I  am coming quickly; and MY reward is with ME, to give every man according to what he has done.”

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