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Wouldn't it be great to understand what's in your Bible?
Joel Young teaches on the radio every week and in person every month in the Dallas area. The teachings are very in-depth and is taught from a Jewish perspective. If you've ever thought, "there must be more", WELL THERE IS. Come and see.
Lecture / Teaching Schedule:
Date: 2nd Sunday of Each Month
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: The Doubletree Hotel
1981 North Central Expressway (Campbell and I75)
Richardson, TX 75080
Click here for a map
Phone: 972-644-4000

Sunday: April 11, 2021
Teaching: 4:00 P.M. thru 7:30 P.M.
Q&A and Ministry: After Class
Teaching On:
The Perfect Heart
Exploring the Perfect Heart of GOD is one of the
MOST exciting eternal Journeys you will ever
take. Come exploring with us the incalculable
riches and profound Depths of THE HEART of GOD.
Come and See…

The location of our meetings is at:
Doubletree Hotel
1981 North Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080
Click here for a map
(The Doubletree Hotel is at the intersection of Campbell Road and I75 in Richardson. The meetings will be held in the Azalea/Sunflower Ballroom of the hotel. Join us for Praise THE LORD from 3:30 - 4:00pm)

We will be streaming the class. We expect to be live, Sunday, September 13 2020 at 4:00 PM. If there are technical difficulties, the class will be up by the next day. Thank you for your patience but we expect to join you live on Sunday, September 13, 2020.
Join our class with real time streaming video!

The following radio shows will be broadcast into Israel and the surrounding areas.

Middle East Arabic Signal:

Middle East English Signal:

Radio Program Sequence

Each program will be available on a single cassette. If you would like to receive a cassette copy of one or more of the programs, please click here to contact our online store:

Note that two of these programs will be available each week on the website.
Click here to listen to this week's available programs.

  1. Rapture and the Jewish Wedding
  2. Who we are created in Christ: Crucified
  3. Who we are created in Christ: Consecrated
  4. Who we are created in Christ: Crowned
  5. Why did Jesus write in the sand? Come and see…
  6. Explore the deeper meanings of Jesus’ words (2 topics)
  7. Jesus and Nathaniel: A prophetic picture
  8. Resist Not Evil – Part 1
  9. Resist Not Evil – Part 2
  10. The Gates of Hades will not prevail
  11. Judgment: to judge or not to judge, or Part 1
  12. Judgment: to judge or not to judge, or Part 2
  13. Psalm 23
  14. The woman and the alabaster vial
  15. Two women–two nations–two lives–ONE LORD
  16. Do not fear
  17. Learning how to learn
  18. The WAYS and THOUGHTS of GOD: Isaiah 55
  19. Isaiah 28:1-13 precept upon precept...or is it?
  20. The Holy Days of Israel—Part 1: spring
  21. The Holy Days of Israel—Part 2: fall
  22. Deeper Things of GOD—Part 1
  23. Deeper Things of GOD—Part 2
  24. Bible Codes
  25. The Sparrow of the Exodus
  26. The Ten Commandments
  27. The Third Commandment
  28. The Names of God: Hashem
  29. The Names of God: Emet
  30. The Names of God: Yashar
  31. The Names of God: Holy
  32. The Names of God: Son
  33. The Names of God: Stone
  34. The Names of God: Counselor
  35. The Fruit of the Spirit
  36. Praise The Lord: Part One
  37. Praise The Lord: Part Two
  38. The Last Trump is Not The Last Trump!
  39. Seek My Face
  40. The Prince
  41. The Thorn in The Flesh
  42. Tabernacle Model of Prayer
  43. Key Points of Prayer
  44. The First Resurrection–A Study in Revelation 20
  45. Healing: Part One
  46. Healing: Part Two
  47. Faith
  48. Mizmor–The Song That Pierces and Prunes
  49. Doing The Impossible With God
  50. The Deity of Christ – Part 1
  51. The Deity of Christ – Part 2
  52. The Deity of Christ – Part 3
  53. The Deity of Christ – Part 4
  54. The Deity of Christ – Part 5
  55. The Deity of Christ – Part 6
  56. The Deity of Christ – Part 7
  57. The Deity of Christ – Part 8
  58. The Deity of Christ – Part 9
  59. The Deity of Christ – Part 10
  60. The Deity of Christ – Part 11
  61. The Deity of Christ – Part 12
  62. Equipping the Saints
  63. Death–The Worthless Experience
  64. Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?
  65. God, Why Are Men in Hell?
  66. Can A Christian Be Sinless?
  67. The Purpose of Life
  68. Things Believers Need to Believe
  69. More Things Believers Need to Believe
  70. Triumph Over Tragedy
  71. Why Spit?
  72. Healing For All and For All of You
  73. New and Old Treasures
  74. Speak: When, What, and How
  75. Jewels
  76. More Jewels
  77. The Yoke of MESSIAH
  78. The Rod of Discipline
  79. Giving Thanks
  80. Sounding a Trumpet
  81. YESHUA in the Tomb
  82. Light and Heavy
  83. Knowledge Puffs Up
  84. Kings and Priests - Part 1
  85. Kings and Priests - Part 2

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